Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Treatment Refused, Sick Girl Dies


NAGPUR: A 20-year-old civil engineering student of GH Raisoni College died while waiting for medical assistance as no private hospital would admit her. Ritwik Tripti, alias Sonam Mishra, was later declared dead at the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH). She was found in an unconscious state in the bathroom of her rented apartment at Lokhande Nagar on Sunday.

There was no injury on her. "She was alive when we picked her up. Later, her blood pressure and pulse rates were diagnosed very low. One hospital after another kept on refusing her admission," said her landlord. He added that it was still not clear how she fell down and what could have happened to her. "There was no cut on her body," he said….

People accompanying her said they had taken her to a critical care hospital in Dhantoli and two more private hospitals none of whom treated her under one pretext or another.


First about the news – it would be nice to know why she was refused admission or treatment. I can believe that one private hospital staff could be idiotic enough, but the article suggests this girl was taken to quite a few hospitals and none of them treated her!

It is a little hard to believe that not a single hospital / care centre was willing to offer even IV fluids!?

Now about the way this pathetic article is presented – Please look at the headline and the opening line of the article (screenshots). Does it really matter if the girl was an engineering student or a medical student or an MBA student? How the fuck is that relevant to reporting this news?

Why am I so ticked off about the level of irrelevant details:

  • BECAUSE the article states - 'Eldest daughter of a retired senior government official, it is learnt that Ritwik was suffering from some kidney-related complexity and asthma' – 

    • TOI doesn't even know what the girl was suffering from. It was SOME kidney related complexity!
    • BUT, TOI does know that she was the eldest daughter of a retired senior government official.
    • How does her being the eldest daughter of a retired senior government official have ANY IMPACT on her condition or her being refused treatment?
  • BECAUSE the article suggests she was refused treatment at two private hospitals and one critical care hospital. TOI has named just one hospital - Padole Hospital! Why weren't the others named?

According to TOI – the girl being an engineering student is more relevant than – naming the medical facilities that refused treatment to the sick girl OR reporting what she was suffering from (some kidney related complexity isn't exactly a proper diagnosis). Doesn't anyone want to know why 3 medical facilities didn't even offer her IV fluids?

Oh btw – TOI's wonderful reporting standards continue till the last line of this article:


Ritwik's cousin, who is in air force, reached Nagpur on learning of the incident.

The dead engineering student's cousin is in the fucking air-force. Yes THAT fact is extremely relevant to the news.

Somebody should shutdown TOI. Every single person associated with the TOI website needs to be terminated.

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