Monday, April 2, 2012

Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol


Seemed like it was just an excuse to film a lot of stunts and ruin a lot of cars. It was fun to watch all the stunts but the plot was rather disappointing.

Anil Kapoor playing the billionaire buffoon was not required at all. I can think of a million different ways of incorporating that character into the plot without depicting him as an idiot.

The entire sequence seems to have been included only to show off Paula Patton's (Jane Carter) thighs. Again, there are a million different ways of accomplishing that as well.

Playboy billionaire doesn't necessarily have to translate into billionaire buffoon.

Then there was that thing in Dubai. I did enjoy the stunt and the chase in the sandstorm, but there is a serious lack of logic in the sequence. The idea of them setting up two different meetings made sense as long as the actual launch codes did not get delivered to Kurt Hendricks.

They don't have the masks but decide to risk it anyway. Sure, I understand - The defence of the realm is to be considered. So they take the chance without the masks hoping the parties have not met (rolls eyes). But then, Ethan Hunt suggests that the printed out copies show the actual launch codes and not the scrambled version. This is where this stops making sense.

At this point I am thinking - The girl is going to get delivery of the diamonds – one way or another. Kurt Hendricks is going to end up with the actual launch codes – one way or another. So why bother having two meetings? Just let the meeting take place as scheduled, and you guys barge into the room when they are all together and deal with your "assets" whichever way you want to. OR don't barge in and follow them when they leave the hotel. Or Kill them or track them or chase them, whatever you want.

It just seemed pointless to orchestrate such an elaborate plan when it was known earlier itself that they will have to deliver the launch codes (or a copy of the actual launch codes) to the other party. Having two fake meetings served absolutely no purpose.

I could go on, but seems rather pointless. Watchable, but that is just about it.

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Surya Murali said...

I had the same comment about the two meetings... The pointlessness of it all. But, I was quite broken-hearted by the end of the film because of the destroyed cars... So, the plot didn't matter after a while. I was in mourning!

BVG said...

Well first they dint know Hendricks was the one at the meeting till after Ethan ripped his mask off toward the end of the chase.

Second they had radioactive paper in the suitcase so that they can be tracked. If they let both of em meet they would not have a solid means to track them, since they dint have any backup.

L o r d R a j said...

So, you HOPE they haven't met, but you can't figure out a way to follow / track the asset? For a special agent, that is rather pathetic and relying a bit too much on 'hope'.

Not knowing that the guy is wearing a mask, ok. That didn't stop Ethan Hunt from making a mess all over Dubai trying to chase him. See, here is the thing - fans will say 'he had no choice' and that is really not true. Had he / his team members been using their brains, this operation could have been concluded without any tower climbing, car chasing, kicking babe out of the window shit.

Logically, there were alternatives 'significantly less idiotic / elaborate' that would result in achieving the objective of tracking the parties/'assets'. As opposed to showing off a printing briefcase or blink-shutter-camera-eye-lens (rolls eyes).

BVG said...


Well its Mission Impossible... Logical alternatives would have been mundane... :P

L o r d R a j said...

I know.

A cool stunt or a car being trashed is fun to watch (well, feel bad for the cars at times), and it would be cool anyway. BUT if it were validated with some logic to it - it would be so much better!

Otherwise, it should have been pacy enough so that I wouldn't have had time to think between the scenes.

Now, Carter walking around and Brij Nath yapping nonsense and Ethan just blabbering into the comm device - all that non-essential (annoying) nonsense takes away from the pace of the film and we are.