Monday, September 16, 2013

And Now We Move To Sandhya Menon


Part of being comfortable with your femininity is being comfortable with your desire. Part of that desire is to, quite simply, want to see a Niall McCann or an intelligent and good-looking man, take his shirt off more often.


That is a part of her defence to Shobhaa De's crap.

Can you imagine the scandal / shit-storm created if I or any other male said something similar about a woman?? In case you can't, let me help you:

  • JD(U) President Sharad Yadav simply stated to a female journalist The Whole country is beautiful, Even YOU are beautiful [Link]. The media lashed back and termed this as a 'sexist remark'. He didn't even hint at her taking her shirt off and it was already a scandal.
  • Obama had to apologise to Kamala Harris for referring to her as the best looking attorney general in the country [Link].

So… if a male refers to a female as beautiful / good looking - His comments are deemed inappropriate. He must apologise (after being labelled as a sexist / creep / pervert / potential rapist / example of the sick male psyche). BUT if a female says she wants to see some men take their shirts off more often… it's 'part of being comfortable with her femininity and desire'???

*Amitabh Bachchan voice over:

Aap ka agla prashan, 7 Crore Rupay ke liye… aapke screen par… ye raha - Who is the real sexist?

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