Sunday, September 8, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Phones and watches may be getting 'smarter', but people (sadly) just keep getting dumber.

This thing syncs with your handset (pictures, contacts etc) and is basically just a clunky watch without the pairing. Not that it is really smart with the pairing, but hey… what do I know.


So… what does this 'smart' watch really do? At present - not much.

You can use S Voice to make calls from your watch without having to pull out your Note 3 from your pocket (the one you had a tough time stuffing into the pocket in the first place). Interestingly enough, the mic is located at the clasp of this wristwatch (Hmmm, Michael Knight chit chatting with KITT).  You can take low resolution pictures (1.9 MP cam located on the strap) and 10 second videos (720p).

Oh… and if you are more than 1.5m away from the handset, this 'smart' watch will lock the handset (*rolls eyes). In addition to these 'revolutionary' features, this crap gadget already has about 70 third party apps as well (err… Pedometer, EverNote etc).

As of now, the device will work only with Note 3 and Note 10.1. Other devices may be compatible after a firmware update to Android 4.3.

If all that didn't get you laughing, here is a quote from Samsung's website (Screenshot):


Smart? I don't think so.

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