Thursday, October 9, 2014

Short Trip To Bombay

Jet Airways – As always, a pleasant experience. The crew was courteous and efficient. It’s the small things that make the difference, and thankfully the crew (at least for this sector) is aware of that. Special thanks to Neha, Mirell and Sampa.

Just wish that they would ensure that the items mentioned in the in-flight shopping booklet are available on-board.

The renovated / remodelled / extended airport is impressive. No queues at immigration (arrival or departure). The flooring was clean. The carpets weren’t stained. The interiors looked classy. Attention to detail. WiFi all over the airport (I had access to WiFi till I was called in to the board the flight).

What was bad was… the smoking room. I don’t understand why they can’t have a decent smoking room. It shouldn’t be too much of hard work. At least they should have a separate smoking room / section for the business class / first class lounge. Is that too much to ask for, really?

Another problem was the staff at the lounge. A chattery bunch. I am sure they have their break schedules and it would be better if they would leave their chat sessions for those breaks.

I don’t expect them to stand like zombies guarding the sandwiches and the coffee, but I do feel that if there are passengers in the lounge, then the staff should be mindful and not yap away about their day or family or their latest android handsets with their colleagues.

The stay at The Leela. Amazing experience. Excellent service. The live music in the lower lobby – Well done! Everyone from the doorman to the concierge – extremely helpful, pleasant, courteous, professional. Makes one feel welcomed. There really is absolutely no need to step out of the hotel (just the way I like it). Thank you Abhishek, Baljit, Chaitali, Chandni, Payal.

The restaurants (all of them) have an amazing ambience. Jamawar was good. Citrus was good. The Great Wall was… an absolute delight (Thank you Nelson). Six degrees – I am going to miss that the most.

3 Opinions:

Unknown said...

That's very nice of you to remember the names of the staff and attendants. A personalised way of appreciation... always a great idea.

L o r d R a j said...

Good manners cost nothing.

Test said...

Good job.. Tu you meraa nature jaantaa hai…I had told them exactly what they need to do.. :)