Wednesday, March 9, 2016

24/7 Support For 12 Months

You wouldn’t need to offer a free 12 months 24/7 support and advertise it IF you put in the effort in making a device work the way it should!

The updates are making the device a bit more usable, yes… BUT it should be MUCH BETTER and it should’ve been that way from the start. When a user buys a device, he isn’t expecting to be part of your Beta Testing team!

Android nonsense and issues are not BB’s look out, I get that! But the BB apps made for Android by BB ARE BB’s responsibility.

It’s nice to see the team sorting out issues and giving the updates, but for someone who ended up paying close to USD 800, I really don’t want a test unit that I end up testing without being compensated for my efforts in identifying and reporting the issues.

Fuck ANDROID and IOS. A wonderful and superior OS in all likelihood is going to be discontinued because a bunch of lazy ass fuckers majority of cell phone users wanted a big ass screen to watch videos and play games (and probably shit loads of other things which I am incapable of comprehending). FUCK YOU… ALL OF YOU.

Now I have to get used to a mucked up cluttered messy shit Android (with a PKB) OR IOS that won’t ever have a PKB option.


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