Tuesday, March 8, 2016

For The People Who Don’t Understand My Issues With The Android

Posted The Same on Crackberry as well. A few additions here.

I do not want to download a third party APP (and tolerate the ads or pay for an ad free version or 'premium features') to do something that has been working seamlessly on something that MOST users insist is an 'inferior' OS / Device.

What a lot of people are failing to recognise (in my view) is - The functionality being requested here isn't something that was previously unavailable or something super complicated. The device was bought for the purpose of organising.

For example - When one is told that one would have to PAY for a File Manager APP, it may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people. However, for me (and perhaps a few others) it IS the thin end of the wedge.

Had there been no File Manager ever, perhaps one wouldn't mind paying for the convenience. Since there have been File Managers that have worked well, it does cause some discontentment.

Another example - Suppose you pay USD 6,000 for a limited edition Omega Seamaster, and then discover that you will have to pay another 2 Cents for the Minute Hand for it to tell time to the minute!

I hope you guys get this part - The issue is NOT the amount of money or the additional amount for the app. Just something to ponder over.

It's ok to disagree. Perhaps there is a new definition of Basic Functionality (or a shift in the implication of the term) that disregards Calendar, Contacts, File Managers etc (citing that plenty of options are available as apps) and focuses on Camera, Picture filters, Speaker quality and what not.

Some of us may not be comfortable with that shift and are just voicing it out. A lot of us just may NOT be comfortable with granting access of our data to a third party developer. It may be fine for the majority, but some may not feel comfortable with it. Some of us may not want to bastardise our device.

Finally - The requests/posts are made to bring the issues in the notice of the development team IN CASE BB/Android/BBPRIV Team COULD do something about it. They have listened to some of the requests in the past (BB10). They are working on a lot of our requests even now (for the Priv, with the updates coming in). Some have been ignored/completely forgotten (eg. Universal Dark Theme).

The purpose of voicing it out is JUST IN CASE if these could be addressed or solved by the BB Team itself. One can hope, right? Or do I need to download an APP for that as well?!

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