Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rada – Banjo

People will listen to just about anything. Kuchch bhi kachra hit kara dete hain. Ghisa hai pita hai zamana…Bubblegum chaba ke hatana – What the…

I guess the tune / beat / rhythm is catchy… but I find it absolutely horrid.

The video is bad. Nargis ‘Duck-Face On A Stick’ Fakhri can NOT dance and SHOULD stop trying. She seems to be struggling even with swaying to the beat! Ritesh looks like shit, as always. Zero screen-presence.

The lyrics, penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya - are ghaati, except for a few lines:

Hey… dilon ke parindey udana. Suron ke patakhe chhudana….

….Dekho hunar ke heere, nikal ke bastiyon se aa gaye hain mehfilon ke manch pe
Neeche humare pairon ke aaj aasmaan hai, aasmaan hai

These lines are trash too, the only difference being that these aren’t ghaati trash.

Aur ye ghatiya ghaati gaana hit ho gaya (Seriously guys – fucked up taste). Laanat hai. Thu …

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