Thursday, December 3, 2009

2 States............

2_state_the_story_of_my_marriage Done.

Some people might find the book entertaining. These are the people who made crap like Raja Babu and Coolie No:1 - super hits! Obviously there is an audience for everything. Even trash.

My suggestion - you would know the difference between a good book and roadside trash, if you ever did bother to read a good book. If you have read trash all your life, you really can't tell the difference.

Very filmy for my taste. Some parts are way over the top and hard to digest. Lots of nonsense.

Chetan Bhagat is obsessed with food. There are very limited topics that he can write about. Chief among them are college stuff and food. He tries to compensate by heavily relying on bullshit.

  • Barging into the room, where your girlfriend is giving her final interview and proposing to her - sure, that could happen. She says Yes and avoids slapping your stupid face - now that's a bit of a stretch.
  • The part about blackmailing the boss and the boss getting a coffee for him - REALLY??
  • The country manager coming from Bombay and arguing over the phone as to which car will be sent to pick him up - err? I am not saying that doesn't happen. I am sure it does and to be honest, I have behaved like that myself. BUT it surely would never happen when you are in the middle of a conference!
  • I don't even know what to say about Minti's wedding episode. This guy has definitely watched way too many Bollywood movies / Ekta Kapoor soaps. The worst part is, he doesn't even realise when he has gone overboard.
  • Dr. Ram is interested in seeing Krish's laptop?!? Obviously, that's how the top doctors in Chennai diagnose their patients.

Seriously, there is wayyyy too much of bullshit in this book and listing it all is just pissing off.

No more Chetan Bhagat books for me. Reading one of them is fine. But as soon as you begin the next - his limitations as an author become rather evident.

2 Opinions:

Unknown said...

Cheers for this review. I am taking your advice and not reading it. I was intrigued by the cover but as soon as I read it was about some marriage stuff, I said better check out a review before buying it. So cheers!

seasonofchange said...

been reading a lot of anti-Chetan Bhagat reviews. but some how agree to them upto some extent.
monotonous is the word to describe his novel sequels.

lets ask him to make daily soaps outta his novels.. n Ekta Kapoor hope ur listening..