Sunday, December 6, 2009

BlackBerry Onyx - Bold 9700


The same size as the Curve. My only problem with the previous bold was the bulky look. I tried it out but just didn't feel comfortable with it.

The keyboard on the Onyx is a lot better than the one on the Curve and the optical track pad is awesome. Something I really am happy about is - the numbers on the keyboard are NOT printed in red. Looks a hell lot neater this way (personal view).

No problems at all with the Onyx. A friend of mine was complaining about his handset getting rebooted on it's own, every 20 minutes or so. He did a battery pull a few times, removed a few applications - but the problem continued.

I didn't really know what was causing the problem but his network coverage bars were dancing around. So just switched the Mobile Network to 2G and the phone isn't rebooting anymore. could be a coincidence. Anyways, if you want to switch it to 2G -

  • BlackBerry Key > Options > Mobile Network
  • Network Mode
  • Set to 2G
  • Save.

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