Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mudi Mudi - Paa


The music does sound really good, but then I rarely bother about the music (Just more into lyrics). The lyrics however, are absolutely horrid – in my opinion.

Khulli khulli main challi challi main khilli khilli - itefaaq se ??!!
uddi main laddi khaddi juddi juddi uddi khaddi khaddi uddi!!


The nonsense lyrics had me pulling my hair already and if THAT wasn’t enough the video shown in the promo gives me a headache with all its ‘PAUSES’. Don’t really know what they were trying to achieve. New snappy / edgy styling?

The first time I saw the promo, I seriously thought my decoder needed a restart.

Vidya Balan – I loved her in Parineeta. I really did. After that, didn’t really have much of a problem and then came Hey Baby and I couldn’t tolerate her. Hated the movie and the character. Leaving all that aside, her look in the movie was just YUCKH. Have been unable to tolerate her since.

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