Monday, May 24, 2010

BlackBerry Bold 9800 - Leaked






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Abir said...

hi Lord Raj,
I wanted to ask you if you could provide me with a step by step guide to synching contacts from a nokia e71 to a blackberry using outlook.
it's all over the net but i need more details as how to do it.
would appreciate ur help.

thanks again,

L o r d R a j said...

Hello Abir,

Syncing, Well this is how it works.
First, download and install Nokia PC Suite for the E71.

You should have got it on the CD with your E71. Alternatively you can download it from the Nokia Website

Open Outlook on your PC and Delete all calendar events and Contacts that may already be there.

You can always make another profile in OUTLOOK to accomplish the same.

I usually Cut and paste the Outlook items into another folder (for back up purposes).

Once that's done, Connect the E 71 to the PC and sync.

(in settings or advanced settings of the PC suite, you will find the Sync options. Set it to one way sync to copy all Contact and Calendar data. You will also be required to select which program to use. i.e. Addressbook or Outlook etc.

Opting for Outlook proves to be simple.

I am sure these settings will be there under ADVANCED SETTINGS or CONFIG SYNC or something to that effect)

Once the sync is completed, open OUTLOOK and verify that all the Contacts have been copied

(In outlook, there are separate sections for Mail, Calendar, Contacts etc. Click on Contacts and hopefully it will load up all the contacts).

Once this is done, unhook the E71.

You should have BBDM (BlackBerry Desktop Manager) installed on this system.

Connect your BlackBerry and open BBDM.

Make the necessary changes to the Sync Settings (one way, two way, merge whatever).

Hit Sync.


All the best.

Abir said...

Once again you've saved me Lord Raj.....cant thank you enough.
It worked perfectly :D

L o r d R a j said...

Hello Abir,

Happy to help. :)

Abir said...

Hi again! :)
I was wondering if you could help me figure out something.
I have the bold 9700 and everytime i reboot all the alerts for applications such as nimbuzz, whatsapp and IM+ get reset :S
I have to re-do them each time which is so tedious.
The alerts for MSN messenger and BBM dont though, do you have any idea why and maybe what I could do so this doesnt keep on happening?


L o r d R a j said...


Not really sure what's causing the problem (I don't use nimbuzz or whatsapp or IM+).. BUT taking a shot at it anyways.

It's a long shot..

The alerts that you are setting up for these applications (the sound files) MIGHT be saved on the memory card and not on the device.

Copy the audio files to the Device Memory and set the alerts pointing to the device memory location and NOT the Memory Card location.

From the top of my head, this is what I can come up with. Give it a try.

All the best.

Abir said...

Hey Lord Raj,
thanks again, but unfortunately this time it didnt work :(
I will try to research it on the net.
If i get anything I will tell u.

Abir said...

hi again :)
A friend of mine had a problem with not being able to see profile pics on her blackberry messenger application, nor was anyone seeing her picture.
I did some research and found a solution, something to do with changing some settings that had nothing to do with the application itself but it worked.
Anyhow that was like a month ago and another friend is having the same problem now but I cant seem to find it on the net again :S
Do you have any idea what settings need to be changed? I think it was something with date and time but not sure.
Appreciate your help.


L o r d R a j said...

Hi Abir,

Not sure about the date and time thing, but one of my friend was having the same problem and we sorted it out by activating 'Recent Updates' option in the BBM

Open BBM
BlackBerry Key
Scroll down to Recent Updates
Select whatever number
Save Changes
and then restart the phone

Worth a shot.

L o r d R a j said...

I believe the latest BBM Version is

IF all else fails, Back up BBM on the media card,
Remove BBM from the BlackBerry.
Download and re-install the latest BBM version from AppWorld.
Restore BBM Contact list from the media card.

BBM list Back up and Restore:

Open BBM
BlackBerry Key
Scroll to 'Contact List'
You will see the Back up and Restore options.

You can always activate an email address for Remote Back up, that's fine.
I opt for Media Card Back up when I am doing these things, because restoring groups etc is a hell lot quicker when it's restoring from the media card, as opposed to from the email ID.