Monday, June 7, 2010

Of course, if a relationship is not working - it’s better to end it at the earliest, instead of dragging it on and prolonging the misery for yourself (not to mention, the other person). There are a lot of uncertainties in life, for sure. But SOME things can be and SHOULD BE thought through.

With all the shit that’s going on, and when we guys have sit downs to try to resolve these issues - it’s just pissing off to know that IF ONLY one of the individuals involved had bothered to open up their mouth and speak their mind – A LOT OF SHIT could have been easily avoided.

With every passing day, it’s becoming evident that the population is (DE-)evolving into a senseless species. Remember the film Idiocracy? Seems like that’s exactly where we are headed. A brainless race.

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Agnel said...

Errr.... hows life? :P

Agnel said...

it’s just pissing off to know that IF ONLY one of the individuals involved had bothered to open up their mouth and speak their mind – A LOT OF SHIT could have been easily avoided.

Know what... these idiots will find others to hear them out. Eventually, they'll find someone else for emotional support and that would lead to all sorts of affairs. Yet, they'll have an excuse, "You would never listen".

Such people lack responsibility. They never deal a problem and find a solution, they only try to escape it.

L o r d R a j said...


It's not just ESCAPE. Passing the blame onto others!

And what's worse, they are looking for sympathy. They WANT everyone to think of them as the victim.


It just gets to me. I mean, if YOU can tell ME what's bothering you, then why the hell can't you tell your husband!

It seems obvious that the aim is NOT to find a solution but to just sit and complain.


Agnel said...



Jaldi Bhagoooooooooo

Just run for your life!!!!!!!

NEVER, become the emotional vent for a woman in a relationship. They'll use you to escape the situation. One fine day, you'll me in the middle of their relationship.

I never understood why 3rd persons are involved in a relationship meant for 2. :S

Time is up... runnnnnnnnnn :D

L o r d R a j said...


I did one better. :D

When the 'couple' invited me and my friends over for dinner, we sat them down. Chuck dinner... just told the wife that INSTEAD of telling others what the problem was, she would be better off talking to her husband.

We all HOPED that this would help. BUT, the very next day she fucked up (big time!).

End result (coming back to the beginning of this comment, where I mentioned 'did something better') - yesterday morning, got the guy to speak to her and then his parents / her parents.

Last night dropped her off to the airport myself.

This might be hard for some to digest BUT.. NOW - everyone is actually HAPPY.

In two weeks, yesterday was the first time I saw her husband smiling!!

It's SHOCKING that people seek advise from someone like me who has had a miserable relationship experience himself.

Agnel said...

I'm glad you helped patch things up :)
More often than not, it leads to misunderstandings :S

Some men have ego thinking, "the wife confides in another man and doesn't tell me". Same with women. A woman would want her hubby to talk to her than to his colleague at office.

The main reason for extra marital affairs starts here. That's when one of the partners would start comparing with others. It is a sick world actually.

And dude, don't be too harsh on yourself. Our experiences should be used to judge what you were.

Okay. Look at India, the entire team has failed to perform as a team for nearly 2 decades. But, look at Sachin. India were never like aussies, and some might say Sachin was a failure. But as a team he failed, as an individual, he gave it all. Yet, people go to him for advice? right?

Many of us are like that in relationships. Though one person would give his/her 100%, it also requires the other person's 100% effort to make it work.

I hope you get the point.

L o r d R a j said...


PATCH THINGS UP!.. well I TRIED to patch things up. Everyone tried EXCEPT the wife!

End result.. bye bye.. tata.. off you go.

That solution seems to have worked in bringing a smile to everyone's face. so I guess it's not as bad as it sounds.

BTW, the Sachin and Indian Cricket Team example... TOOO GOOOOD!
Doubt anyone could come up with a better analogy!!

Besides - Talk about a major ego boost!

Thanks, mate. :)

Agnel said...

OMG! Didn't read that part. *ashamed*
She was sent off... oops.

Hmmm, just yday I had written about something similar.

I could somehow never come to terms with "Love not lasting forever". :S I always try to make sure things get patched up. I feel, if people could each other once, then they can love each other again someday. The broken heart would always want to feel that love again. In some cases, it wouldn't be possible(for obvious reasons), in cases where one can apply "give and take" policy things can work out.

You're very welcome buddy! But, a word of caution, use it to boost your self-esteem, never your ego ;-)

Have a good day.. it's a long night for me already :S