Monday, June 28, 2010

TxT Stopper



Mobile signal jammer for the car.

Err… well, it not only stops you from texting and driving, but also stops anyone in the car from using a phone?! Doesn’t sound like THAT good an idea, now does it?

I can think of better ways to spend USD 200.

Not to mention, what one should be focusing on is NOT how to stop people from doing something stupid, but actually making them realise why it shouldn’t be done, in the first place.

Stop scaring the general public. Can’t you see how pathetic they have become!?

Encouraging basic common sense would be a much better approach. Might take longer to achieve, but will have a more lasting effect.

Fear is not the ONLY way to get people to pay attention. Try educating them for a change! (no, that’s NOT the same as schooling). Seriously tired with all the dumbing down of the population. I am running out of people to talk to!!!

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