Thursday, June 17, 2010

Solomon Kane


I have seen better films.

The action sequences were ok (at best). As I said, I have seen better. The screenplay is seriously lacking and isn’t what I would term ‘engaging’. Ruthless cruel pirate turns to god in one minute when he is confronted by Reaper uncle errr.. OK.

Takes shelter in a church from where he is just kicked out without any explanation (guess he wasn't paying the rent or the church managed to spend of all the donation he had given).

For some reason, the devil seems a bit too interested in Solomon’s soul. No real explanation given here, but considering the elaborate plans and plots the devil makes for his soul, there must be something really special about Solomon. So, the guy fights well. That really can’t be the only reason. Would perhaps make more sense if it was something about his bloodline / lineage or that sort of thing.

The girl being marked and all that bla bla. Well I was expecting it to have SOME relevance. Relevance – another word that seems to have lost all meaning.

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