Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BlackBerry App World 3.0


App World 3.0 now available for download.

It’s just a new UI. Oh, and you can share apps with your BBM contacts (or some crap like that).

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Anonymous said...

Hey raj I updated to this latest ver of appworld not I can't log in (always an error telling me to try again later) emailed rim yet nothing do you have a link to the ver

L o r d R a j said...


I am assuming that you are running OS 7. Just type BlackBerry ID on the universal search and under options you should find an option for BlackBerry ID.

Please confirm that this is the same ID you had created for using App World. Try logging in here and then open App World 3.0.

This SHOULD work.

If you do want the older one OR the above doesn't work, I am sure there must be an OTA some where online.

Another possible (but longer) way to install the older App World (in case you can't find the OTA for the older version) would be:

- Download an old OS 7 version from crackberry. I suggest
- Install that on your COMPUTER (Make sure no other OS version is installed on the computer. If there is, uninstall it.
- Delete Vendor.xml file.
- Remove existing App World 3.0 from your BlackBerry device.
- Connect BlackBerry Device to the computer.
- Launch AppLoader.exe
- Check mark App World option.
- Click Next etc.

Now, you SHOULD have the old App World.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

No. Bold 9700
Bbid everything in check... When its incorrect it says sumn like wrong username and password
And when it is... It gives an error
The thing is, am a beta tester and told them about this problem in the second bata release and saw it in official few days later. However the beta version was the only one working at the time. For me and I guess a few others.
I continued my search and did find an offline installer version tho and it's working fine.... tried on my cuz os5 and didn't work but the os6's works fine

L o r d R a j said...

Glad you have it working. :)

Anonymous said...


I am having the same problem but when I click the link to upload version this site says I don't have access. Could someone please upload the link elsewhere? Thanks.

L o r d R a j said...

Hello Anonymous,

All you have to do is REGISTER on that site and then log in and download the attachment.

Anyways, I have uploaded the same file (for OS6) on Filesonic.

Here is the link:

Hope this helps