Monday, September 19, 2011

Fake Tricolour

Picture 1


Faaltu ki nautanki.

Now you want patriots to sit and count the number of spokes printed in the Ashoka Chakra on the flag they are buying? You want them to waste the time checking the authenticity of this flag (costing between INR 1 to INR 3) when they could be out there waving these damn things and protesting?

Given that most of the protestors don’t even know what exactly they are protesting for, it would be a bit of a stretch expecting them to be aware of the correct number of spokes that should be present in the Ashoka Chakra.

Dishonour to our national flag – Arrey bakwaas band kar. After any rally, just take a look at the streets. They are carpeted with the tricolour. Take a walk in Delhi after the Independence Day parade is over and see for yourself how much honour is being given to your national flag.

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