Monday, September 5, 2011

PR Agencies No Longer Needed – For Some

After promising to go nude if India won the 2011 World Cup, Poonam has partially fulfilled her promise. She posted an image of herself in a bikini on the micro blogging site Twitter, which she calls a 'Motivational Surprise' for the Indian team.

She tweeted: "The world will see that I lived up to my inspiration. Now, I am sure my team will beat England. Our time has come... the Pics r in Series every Match they win in England will release More... but for now its a Inspirational one for them."


That’s a quick way to hike one’s popularity (and spike the number of followers on Twitter and / or FaceBook). I seriously doubt anyone could possibly be so delusional as to TRULY believe that her steamy pics are responsible for a cricket team’s performance in a particular match / series.

If Poonam Pandey IS of that opinion, then I guess she just thinks a bit too highly about herself. Team India is going to play better to see her go nude! That’s pretty much as deluded as one can get.

It seems that for aspiring actresses / models (at least) there is no longer a need to hire PR agents. All they need is a Twitter account and post a few nude or semi-nude pics.

Sigh. Hota hai, chalta hai… duniya hai.

For those interested, Poonam Pandey’s Twitter ID - @iPoonampandey

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