Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kejriwal To Elaborate On His Allegations Against Robert Vadra And DLF


Just when Ana decided to shut up (boy, did he take his time), we have another 'activist' barking away.


"DLF granted favours to Shri Robert Vadra. What favours did Haryana government grant DLF? How is DLF reply a bunch of lies? Will speak tomorrow at 5 pm," he tweeted yesterday


Doesn't this sound like one of those Star News / India TV type bullshit 'exclusives'??

Please note - I am not suggesting that the DLF dealings (referred to by duffer Shri Kejriwal) are corruption free. For every deal (big or small) favours are extended and expected. It would be highly improbable (not impossible… but definitely improbable) if rules weren't twisted around OR wheels / palms weren't greased to facilitate big deals.

Neither am I suggesting that the Government > DLF > Vadra deal is laced with corruption / commission / consideration / facilitation fee / gifts.

All I want to say is - If Kejriwal does possess evidence to back his statements - there is absolutely no need to build up such a hype and demanding inquiries and investigations WITHOUT presenting the evidence. The clown and his 'demands' would be taken more seriously if he would just provide the evidence at the same time he was barking out those statements. Its just common sense.

The point of this post is NOT to defend Vadra / DLF (as I have mentioned earlier). The point is simply to highlight that Kejriwal is an attention whore.

He may or may not have any evidence. The evidence may or may not be concrete. The only thing that is clear (beyond doubt) is that Kejriwal is seeking (and getting) publicity and the media footage. IF his intention was to bring corrupt officials to justice, he wouldn't have focussed on the hype. He would have presented the evidence while he was barking out those accusations.

Accusations may be proved or thrown out. I just hope that people do see this clown for what he really is.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao…

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