Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Messed Up Priorities


Sandy complicates final stretch of tense US presidential race

WASHINGTON: A tense and unpredictable race for the White House became even more so on Monday, as mammoth storm Sandy created delicate political challenges for President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney and raised the possibility of a chaotic voting process.

As the deadly storm barreled ashore on the paralyzed east coast, the presidential campaign went into what amounted to a deep freeze just when Obama and Romney had planned to launch their final push for votes in the November 6 election.


Complicates the US Presidential Race?! IS THAT really the primary concern?? I am pretty sure the devastation caused by the storm - and its potential to cause further devastation -deserves a much higher priority than its effect on the presidential campaign. Even the President has termed it a 'Major Disaster' and he isn't referring to his election campaign.

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