Friday, October 25, 2013

OS 10.2

Just updated to 10.2. No issues with the update (a few users complained about lost contacts etc… I can't seem to understand how that could happen, given that this is an extremely simple process. Curious to know what went wrong).

What I like:

  • Interactive Lock Screen Notifications - Super convenient. Earlier, the Lock Screen would only show the number of messages (4 emails, 2 missed calls, 10 BBMs etc). With Interactive Lock Screen Notifications, you can tap on said notifications and get the details (From, Subject, Message) without having to unlock the phone.
  • Toast Notifications - Not just being notified of an incoming message (email/Text/BBM), but whatever screen or app you may be on - you now see the message as well - without leaving your present screen (I am guessing if it is a long message, then only a preview would show, but so far worked fine for BBM's and Text messages). Oh… and you can even reply from the Toast Notification itself (without having to leave your present screen).
  • Visual Theme - Finally the option to choose between Dark Theme / Light Theme.

There was a bit of an issue with getting message previews for BBM working properly (Toast Notifications). Easy fix:

  • Settings > Notifications.
  • Scroll to BBM.
  • Instant Previews – Set to Off.
  • Exit Settings.
  • Settings > Notifications.
  • Scroll to BBM.
  • Instant Previews – Set to On.

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