Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another Research Finding That Just Doesn't Make Sense


In mice, nicotine was found to alter brain biochemistry and prime the animals to develop a need for cocaine.


This was a research done by the crazy Kandels Eric and Denise Kandel.

I don't see Denise Kandel listing ALL THE POSSIBILITIES in her yap session. Why pick the worst of the lot? More importantly, why does the media insist on making it a headline when it is just one of the million possible possibilities??!

Question - How did the mice convey to the researcher that the mice had developed a need for cocaine? I really want to know. Because if we have mice who can talk or write or are telepathic, then we should have heard about THAT finding before this idiotic one. Don't you think? (*Pictures a cute white mouse looking at Denise Kandel as he rolls a torn dollar bill and says 'I need some coke, bitch').

We don't yet know whether e-cigarettes will prove to be a gateway to the use of conventional cigarettes and illicit drugs, but that's certainly a possibility - Almost ANYTHING is possible! The 'finding' that you are harping on is a possibility just like:

  • It is certainly a possibility that e-cigarette users may quit smoking altogether. OR
  • We don't yet know whether e-cigarettes will prove to be a gateway to murder, but there is certainly a possibility that some e-cigarette manufactures and smokers would want to strangle the Kandels.

Just as, it is certainly a possibility that age has caught up with Eric and Denise Kandel turning them into crazy senile idiots who have really burnt their brains out. Well… I can't be completely sure about that, but that's certainly a possibility.

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