Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hope PM Narendra Modi Would Convey India's Concerns to Chinese President Xi Jinping: Congress


Ahead of India-China talks in New Delhi tomorrow, the Congress today said it hoped Prime Minister Narendra Modi would "discuss and register" India's concerns over Chinese "incursions" into Indian territory with visiting President Xi Jinping.


Does the Congress believe that the Indian PM will spend the entire time discussing dhoklas?? Obviously in between all the swinging, painting presentations, waving… they will be talking about issues (of both sides).

If the Congress does have doubts and actually does believe that the entire trip will involve chilling, swinging and sight seeing, then the Congress delegation (meeting Xi on 19-09-14) can discuss and convey the concerns themselves. It is after all India's concerns and not BJP / Congress concerns.

Note to Congress - If Rahul baba isn't interested in politics, then why drag him along?

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