Sunday, September 14, 2014

TOI Fucked Up… Big Time

So, this is how it all started:

Not the first time TOI has come up with an inappropriate / idiotic headline. But, Deepika pointed out that this was in bad taste and had a few things to say about it on Twitter:

It does matter when a celebrity says so. At least one would think that it should matter. Plenty of people re-tweeted Deepika’s tweets. Added their own thoughts / views as well.

That's when TOI fucked up big time. TOI decided to respond to Deepika’s tweet(s):

Now that’s just asking for it!

Perhaps the idiot who came up with the headline / article just MIGHT get to retain his job. But the person managing TOI’s Twitter account is definitely going to have to look through the Wanted section of the classifieds.

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