Sunday, January 10, 2016


Jan 3 - The Pathankot terror attack is a huge national embarrassment. There can be no arguments over it. It has exposed the inefficiency and incompetence of our intelligence agencies, Punjab Police and the lack of coordination among the various agencies involved in taking on the terrorists and flushing them out. [Link]

Jan 3 - While Home Secretary Rajiv Mehreshi today claimed at a press conference that there was no security lapse, Defence experts, however, felt that the operation could have been handled in a better way as there was advance intelligence about infiltration by terrorists and that the IAF base could be potential target.

Former RAW Chief A S Dulat raised questions about failure of security agencies in thwarting the attack. "Generally intelligence agencies get the flak but here is a case when you had a pinpointed intelligence and still you could not make it. Why?" he said. [Link]

And then… on Jan 5:

Images of Prime Minister's event will be released to press through Directorate of Public Relations, PIB only after it is finally approved by the PMO, the SOP states. [Link]

An air base gets attacked by terrorists. Plenty of chatter going on about the inefficiency and incompetence. Some very legitimate concerns as well. And… the GoI is coming up with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for releasing pictures?! Surely I can’t be the only one who thinks that both GoI and the media have their priorities messed up.

Definitley there are more pressing matters that need to be addressed as opposed to photoshopped pictures of the PM surveying flood hit Madras.

Chutiye log.

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