Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Too predictable. Bad performance. Horrible writing. Pathetic camera work.

Shabana Azmi disappoints. I find it rather surprising that someone of her calibre and stature agreed to do such a ridiculous role.

Irrfan Khan does yet another repetitive role. It’s tolerable for some parts but annoying overall. BTW… you could pick a better pair of glares.

Aishwarya Rai is loud. Annoying. Irritating. The lines/dialogues don’t even qualify as mediocre. She looks rubbish in the scenes where she is trying to run (I blame the camera work here). Her emotional scenes and outbursts are irritating and lack finesse. The character itself, in its entirety is … pathetic.

And… Who decided on that ANNOYING ringtone on Aishwarya’s phone?! Yaar… Kuchch tou reham karo.

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