Friday, January 29, 2016

You Can Book (Online) Only 6 Rail Tickets Per MONTH – From One User ID

The decision was taken as it was suspected that 10% users who booked 10 tickets every month — the current limit — might be involved in touting.


Err… The concerned department seems to believe that touts can’t make multiple User IDs. Interesting. Hmm… Whoever is coming up with all these idiotic ideas, needs to be slapped around for a bit.

The common / Non-Tout population will also find a work around. Thodi pareshani hogi, but they will manage. Government agencies ka kaam yahi tou hai - Pareshaan karna. ‘Kuchch karna hai’ ke chakkar mein saale kuchch bhi karne baith jaate hain. Duffer.

Jaahil log.

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