Tuesday, January 13, 2009


New Picture

Let me start off by saying that I loved Memento. I can watch that movie again and again and not get tired of it.

Now about Ghajini - cheap knock off.

Aamir is the only good thing in the movie, barring a few scenes of course. I have no idea why in some scenes Aamir grunts like an animal. It seemed like he got confused about the character he was playing. For those scenes, it seemed like he was playing a werewolf or something along those lines.

The movie is seriously lacking. Asin, well I guess she looks ok. In the movie, acting was way over the top and I honestly didn't enjoy the performance one bit. But we should be blaming that on the script.

The villain, played by Pradeep Rawat is horrible in the movie. Too lame! Especially for some one playing the title role.

Whoever played the role of the inspector is equally pathetic / lame. And whoever scripted that character needs to be whacked on the head. WTF!

Jiah Khan - Never really thought she was good looking. She plays the character Sunita, which again is perhaps the most pathetic characters I can recall in recent times.

Tinu Anand does what he usually does in any movie.

The movie SHOULD have been better... much much better. You had a brilliant plot/story. All it needed was a more sensible script and a bit believable acting.

Extremely disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

hi......i pretty much agree with u r review..... should have been an effortless performance but AAmir was trying to hard!!aka SRk......sort of hamming!!
haven't watched Memento ,but intend too.......
u bet the villian,police officer,and tinnu anand......aur koi actor nahin mila kya sarey film industry mein???,...pivotal roles wasted......
Aamir was surely disappointing.....!!
the scene in the morning when he see's himself in the mirror n growls n grunts,i'm thinking...........WTF!!is he turning into a were wolf or what!! Jiah khan,thru the movie,just 1 expression............Asin was a bit over the top.......

looks like everyone was tryin too hard....instead of takin it easy coz subject and story was great......tested formula ki MB kar di!!



L o r d R a j said...


loved that comment Pride. Thanks.

LOL@aka SRk......sort of hamming!!

ROTFL@tested formula ki MB kar di!!

Mannnn too good I am actually going to put up this comment on the main page of the blog.

Thanks a lot, Pride.

Anonymous said...