Monday, January 19, 2009

Jasper Motor Vehicle Company

KOLKATA: Kanishk Sinha, 30, and his wife Lipika, 25, chose to do something different from looking for jobs - they invented a fuel-less environment-friendly auto engine.
"This engine is switched on by a chemical reaction between zinc and oxygen; hence it is pollution-free. This technology also increases the durability of the engine," Kanishk Sinha, chairman of the Jasper Motor Vehicle company, said.

The young couple established the company registered in the US five years ago with Rs100 crore raised from non-resident Indians. They got the engine patented with BigPatents India, a body supported by the Ford Foundation.


Did a quick google search (just the first page) for Jasper motor vehicles. The link below made some sense.

Couldn't find the name SINHA anywhere on the ABOUT US page. So I am assuming that’s a different organization. However, there are other results about the same story, but they all seem to be from newspaper articles – tribune, deccan herald etc.

I mean.. for a IRS 100 crore company, you would THINK they would have a reasonably well promoted website, right?

Furthermore, at least in the TOI article, it doesn't say ANYTHING about the specifications of the engine (other than how much distance it can run) - as in - the speed…. (which is important to some, if not everyone).


I mean, seriously, this would be a rather important invention (assuming it actually works) and a bit more details would be helpful. Otherwise, we can just pile this up along with the other zillions of GROUND BREAKING POLLUTION FREE concepts.


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Anonymous said...

I gave this whole story a careful look. In one newspaper they mention that they drive a dynamo. In other words, this sounds like a fuel cell.

Zinc-Air fuel cells are considered very promising since they do not release any combustion products into the air.


I don't know about this company Jasper and if their technology can really be patented, but Zinc-Air fuel sounds interesting.

--- Kumar

L o r d R a j said...

Kumar, thanks for the comments, and the link. Appreciate it, mate.

Yes.. I am aware of the fuel cell concept.

Zinc and air does sound interesting. Actually I was intrigued by the first line of the story.

The fact is, such stories usually do intrigue me. But when it comes to selling the technology or adapting it on a commercial scale, most of these NO POLLUTION concepts die out on their own.

the thing that bothered me most, wasn't the concept, but the lack of information about the company and the specifications of the engine.

Anonymous said...

This looks true. Please look at the


L o r d R a j said...

Thanks for the link, Ramesh.

Doesn't mention Jasper Motor Vehicle Company anywhere. Well at least the information is on ONE other website.

Looks like a rather basic website.. don't really want to get into that either.

I am sure you too follow up on such news.

How many of such brilliant concepts have you seen already that never made it to the light of day..

cars running on water.. cars running on air etc.. they even had media coverage for those as well.

This one says they churn out about 15000 engines.. but NO SPECIFICATIONS or anything.. HENCE my issues.

Lack of readily available information for a IRS 100 Crore Company, with a very intriguing concept / invention just makes the matter seem a little suspicious - wouldn't you agree?

Anubhav Srivastava said...

Looks too vague for a serious look. If there was a significant improvement in technology (Fuel cell or otherwise), it may have hit the (web)pages of TreeHugger or the likes. But yes - any further information would be great.

L o r d R a j said...

Anubhav - My point exactly. :)

Thanks for the comment, mate.

Santanu said...

My suspicion, it's yet another land scam brewing. Given the stunning lack of information (I spent 20 minutes on Google) and the vagueness of the story - it is another scam in the making by India, Inc.

L o r d R a j said...

Interesting thought.

Anything is possible, Santanu.

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

mentions only about application, the patent is not published :-)

looks like a publicity stunt or immature approach by inventor / editor - TOI

L o r d R a j said...

Nice one, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Suspicious,,,,,, at least. A 30 year old guy raises 100 crore and doesn't even have a website (as hen is quoted, he is now focusing on marketing) - very suspicious.

L o r d R a j said...

Nice to see that at least some people get my point :D

Unknown said...

i have been searching for the website of this company from the past half an hour. I could not find it.If we assume that the motor of this kind works properly, then it would be of a great help to the environment

Ram said...

Soon as I read this news in Eenadu and then times of India, got suspicious. Found your blog on google search -- thanks for the chain.

Looking at promoters once again more closely, Sinha is now 30, and Lipika is 25. And they started this company FIVE YEARS BACK! which is already at the rate of manufacturing 15,000 engines in the US? Without their names or company name showing up anywhere on the internet search?

To me all looks like a a scam, or more lightheartedly, a spoof. They must have read about some concept, quickly registered it, and trying to play screwball with the WB government. My 2 cents..

~ Ram

L o r d R a j said...

Scam, spoof, screwball..

Nice. So Ram got all the points I was trying to make :D

Thanks mate.

Sri krishna - ummeed pe duniya qaayam hai. BTW - Half an hour - that's a little too long. Guess you really wanted to find something.

Thanks for the comments.

Unknown said...

It is funny they are marketing a virtual product or oncept and not looking into production. They also seem o want land only one place of bengal. No info watsoever after searching for hours. No dicussion boards from any internation motor companies or auto mags. Cant believe it untill I see one or hear some credible sources acknowledge this.

Anonymous said...

hi all, myself Girish from Bangalore. today morning as soon i got my Mirror tabloid, i happend to ead this news "Couple invent eco- friendly auto engine" which said they have about 28 dealer network in Rajasthan, Bihar, New Delhi.
after reading the article i really spent some time and money to findout the details of the couple. i calledup my brothers & friends in us, in uk, in delhi to find out more on this. i am still on net to find the website, but i am disapointed. but it had a e-mail address in the end which said, "to fix the engines on auto rikshaws, they can contact" i have sent a mail, but am waiting for the reply.

L o r d R a j said...

Girish, do let me know if you do hear something.

Preeju - funny... and sad at the same time.

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said..., he couple has registered their company in the US five years ago with Rs. 1 billion raised from NRIs. They have also got their engine patented with BigPatents India, a body supported by Ford Foundation., i googled big patent ,a and foun the info on mr kanishk sinha......

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Anonymous.

Have that info already and another 'anonymous' has already given his comments on it.

So have I.

Thanks for the comment, mate.

Satish said...

Boy. This is fun, How can I get my name published in the TOI. Maybe I can claim to have invented a device that will decipher women talk.

L o r d R a j said...


Nice one Satish..

Unknown said...

This is another scam in making!!
I spent the hell of a timeon net trying to get some leads, no use.
This couple didn't even give a basic demonstration on any of the science or auto or electric magazines but they for sure want some land. Why is everyone behind our land in India.
Do you remember that Chennai guy, "fuel from water", scam?
People are more aware now to pass such cheap scams.
Yup, my voice in this post is pesimestic....nope, just realistic.

L o r d R a j said...

My sentiments exactly..... Venu....

Thanks for the comments.

Suresh said...

Funny. It's a fake. I have googled for 10 min and i could not find any website related to the same.
I guess eenadu, TimesofIndia and EconomicTimes got the junk information.

Thanks for creating this blog :)


L o r d R a j said...

TOI usually gets junk information. :)

Thanks for your comments, suresh.

Unknown said...

I have a suspicion that it is 1 crore, rather than 100 crore, which was raised by non-resident indians.

L o r d R a j said...



Shit happens

Sujeet said...

I am not aware of the high airs,
but one thing I would like to ask....

If your system is that efficient, ever tried presenting it to UNDP or WTO? Perhaps sometimes going a step back and reaching out for people concerned, who would be seriously interested.

try out. and we might be looking forward to being your client...

Mark Byron said...

They do seem to have a website-(

However, it seems rather bare-bones and rather iffy. I smell a scam on this one of some sort, either to investors or to buyers or both.

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Mark. Thanks for the link.

Now.. a IRS 100 Crore company has a website powered by SIST4u.. sort of weird, but lets ignore that.

The link you gave .. the titles, Founder CUM ChairmEn.. err.. ChairmEn??

Did you bother to read the charimEn's brief?

- son of, daughter of, family history.. ?? married WITH??

- he HAS BORN on DATED ??? wow.

For a smart guy, with a smart product, they sure picked a dumb guy to come up with the text for the web.

- Annual turnover of Rs. 1 Billion USD.

New currency launched eh.

- TrademErk Office??

- but he never afraid!??!
- stop down the pollution.

Do I need to say anything more?

Anonymous said...

I am aware of this couple who are unadulterated fraud. They never give away their pictures and had a small place in Baghajatin area in South Kolkata near Garia. They also had a similar place in Howrah. They first claimed that Tatas were going in for a joint venture with them.... This story appeared in leading Bengali newspaper Anandabazar Patrika and was strangely written by someone (Mr S Ghosh) who is not a reporter but a desk person and the Tatas have denied any such move.
I challenge Mr Kanishk to name any NRI who has invested in his company.. which again is named after a US company that has nothing to do with his outfit.
Even the patent he claims is one which is actually sort of receipt to prove that they have applied for... on an average thousands of such patents are filed each day. Ford has nothing to do with this technology.
As per their claims made in Kolkata newspapers.... Ford has funded their research and Tatas were going for a JV. Strange Ford funding to help Tatas! If so... who is the moron lets debate.
Also Mr Kanishk has a dubious link with Patna where he had started a social welfare organisation to raise funds for some cause which he denies.
Last time while doing the media rounds in Kolkata Mr Kanishk Sinha gave the following Mobile numbers as his own.
9831038142 and 9831712399 he had at least six mobile numbers God only knows for what... but we all can guess.
His mail Id given to the journalists was

I shall post more on this fraud couple.... who are out to con people.

L o r d R a j said...

Anonymous, Thanks for sharing the info.

Anonymous said...

Friends the cat is out of the bag at last. Kanishka Sinha was arrested by Kolkata Police for fraud and mis representation.
The news item has appeared in Kolkata's leading Hindi Daily Sanmarg edition dated 26th May 2010 Page 3.

Also Bengali daily Pratidin has the same story in same date edition.

Kanishka Sinha had made a fictitious website in the name of where he had pasted a picture of one of the persons from whom he had taken Rs 40,000 other report says Rs 80,000/' and pasted that person's (a Kolkata Businessman) name as a Pakistani drug peddler.
This is the second such fraudster with credit to scientific claims after Ramar or Raman Pillai the herbal petroleum con man.
His website Jasper Motors is again a fraud site which tries to mirror the American company Jasper Motors / Engineer.

That is why 99% fantastic claims from India turn out to be frauds.

Sad that such semi literate persons can take the Indian media / reporters for a ride.
Eastern India's biggest circulating regional daily AnandaBazar Patrika too had written about him as dis Dainik Jagran.
The standard of reporters are pathetic who write just what they are told and may be for some petty gains.....

L o r d R a j said...


Anonymous said...

that said Kanishk Sinha who claims to have invented fueless/batteryless engines with MSC Degree along with his Wife is Fraud and now colling his heels in Jail .
He has been given Jail Custody till 22/06/2010 by Chief Judicial magistrate ,Aliore .

He has floated a Site called
That said Keyur majmudar had paid him Rs80,000/- and when said Majmudar pressured him and send mails regarding his CHeats and Frauds he pasted photo of keyur majmudar from facebook to web site called stating that Keyur Majmudar is Gul Rehman an Drug Peddlar from Pakistan

that said web site was also floated by him and from he made mail to Kolkata Police an E WARRANT stating that Keyur Majmudar is Gul Rehman and he be arrested .

Kolkata Police on receiving Comlaints from keyur Majmudar arrested Kanishk Sinha after detailed investigation .
FIR also names Lipika Sinha his wife also .