Thursday, January 15, 2009

Windows 7 Beta


Download Link

A friend of mine installed the beta on his Assus (N10J). Just had a go at it and I must say, for a Windows Operating System, this thing is rather fast. It actually seems faster than XP. So you can be sure that it’s super fast when compared to Vista (thuuu). Loads up IE8 really quick.

Of course I am never going to use IE 7/8 ever. I am pretty much hooked to Chrome (yes I even use Chrome on my Mac – Unity feature on the VMware Fusion is amazing). I just might give Windows 7 a shot, but as of now, the OS of my choice remains Mac OS X. Once you go Mac, it’s hard to go back.

2 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

I do not know about it. While I support windows OS, I have nothing against MAC OS. The last time I used a MAC was in college. This past Christmas I bought a MAC book Pro for my son (a whopping 1580 bucks). I have been using it as well and let me say I am not thrilled to bits. I like some aspects of the usability experience and some of the features annoy me. It is definitely not worth the money. I am rooting for Windows 7. Let us see!!

L o r d R a j said...

To each his own, I guess.

I am really happy with my MacBook, and wouldn't want to use Windows ever again.

Like I mentioned, might give Windows 7 a shot but no way do I want to use a Windows machine - on a regular basis - for myself.