Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Think Like An Indian ???

Thankfully, I don't think like an Indian anymore.

Read that line on my friends blog. I really enjoy reading his blog posts. Profound – is usually the word that comes to my mind when I go through his posts.

Now I have heard people say ‘Think like the criminal’ or ‘think like your opponent/rival/competition’ , but thinking being influenced by one’s nationality…. hmm. That’s something I haven’t been able to comprehend. Nationality has little (if any) effect on a person’s character or his thoughts – personal view (and has been for a while now).

How or why would one’s nationality determine the individual’s thought process?! The people around you, past experiences/present circumstances/situations that you have gone through will definitely have an effect, but is it that the situation experienced by an individual of one nationality can not or will not be experienced by another individual with a different nationality?

At times, the same person reacts differently to the exact same situation – when compared to how s/he had reacted to it earlier. This doesn’t necessarily imply that he has now acquired a new passport and hence has a different nationality.  His thought process may have changed, but there are definitely more credible reasons for that change.

There are tonns of other things that will effect the way one thinks, but I seriously doubt one’s nationality would be a leading criterion.

What was even more interesting about that blog post was one of the comment:

This was really sad to see. Are you saying you started thinking like an American? Its painful to see a person who has lived ~23 yrs in India, and then maybe 2 years abroad, thanks his lucky stars that his mindset is no more Indian. A generalization like that is a little unfair, and borders on the insane.

Errr.. ahem… aren’t YOU generalizing as well, mate? Tum karo to - fashion… hum karen to – peshaa. Let’s just all think logically, shall we. Now unless logical thinking is nationality dependent, I don’t think we should be having any problems.


2 Opinions:

Agnel said...

Thanks for the compliments Raj!

The place we live, lived, people we met, the norms accepted by the society, religion and many other little things would affect one's thought process.

An avg indian would find it really hard to digest to see an "Indian girl" smoke and drink. Most of the Indians wouldn't hug each other, I mean boys and girls. A flashy attire(forget saree) I'm talking about revealing clothes, would make a lot of Indians shocked.

All the above is quite usual in most of the western countries.

My mom used to tell me a tamil quote about "riding a horse inside a big pot". You only know what is inside the pot and your thinking is limited. You need to expand by meeting new people and from different places. This is referred to as "Exposure".

Certainly, it is the choice we make as we learn new things about life. Thought process is subjected to change, it gets refined as we grow old and mature.

When I said that quote, I wanted to imply, "I don't think like an avg Indian".

Sorry about the long comment. TC :P

L o r d R a j said...

'Sorry about the long comment'

Absolutely no need to be 'sorry'

As you mentioned in the comments on YOUR blog itself - There are exceptions :)

Take care mate. Thanks for the comment.