Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jasper Motor Vehicle Company – Part 2

A while back, I had posted about this company (Previous Post). Just the other day, a reader – Mark Byron, put up a comment on that post:

They do seem to have a website:

However, it seems rather bare-bones and rather iffy. I smell a scam on this one of some sort, either to investors or to buyers or both.

Hey Mark. Thanks for the link.

Interesting title "Founder CUM ChairmEn".

Did you check out the CharimEn's brief profile?

  • son of, daughter of, family history
  • married WITH
  • he HAS BORN on DATED
  • Annual turnover of Rs. 1 Billion USD. (What currency is that supposed to be??)
  • TrademErk Office
  • but he never afraid
  • stop down the pollution.

IRS 100 crore company and they can’t even find someone who knows English to do the write up for their ‘website’ ?!

Jaahil gawaar chutiye.

Screenshots of the ‘website’

With Address bar Picture 1

Picture 2

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