Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Name Is Khan



Watched the movie yesterday. No escaping, since sister is a SRK fan :(

IMHO - the movie can be termed watchable at best. Path breaking performances etc – err, I don’t think so. But then again, I am not easily impressed. Moreover, as many close to me have pointed out – WTH do I know about movies??

Just recently I read a book The Curious Incident Of The Dog In Night-Time. While I was watching SRK on screen, it seemed identical to the character in the book. That probably was part of the reason why I wasn’t AWED by SRK’s portrayal of Rizwan Khan. Add to that, every time Rizwan Khan ‘runs’ in the movie, it resembles Karan Johar’s walk! (when you watch the movie, you will know what I am talking about).

I would have definitely been fine with Kajol if she wasn’t so bloody loud in the movie. Hum ko zyaada shor pasand nahin. I have always hated her voice and in this one, it was just too loud. Some people … er correction – most people found the line ‘meri aankhon ka taara, budhaape ka sahaara’ rather cute. I found it annoying as hell.

A guy who runs a successful distributorship for Mehnaz Herbal Cosmetics in the states sends his autistic brother all alone, on the roads of San Francisco to sell beauty products. Hmm. It’s one thing to tell your brother to stand on his own feet. A whole different thing to send your autistic brother - who is terrified of the colour yellow – unsupervised, in a city he has never been to before, which is filled with yellow cabs!

The brother, the caring sister in law, the loving wife – no one is interested in actually finding out where this autistic fellow disappeared to??! A bit sad, if you ask me.

Bobby Ahuja – the sardar who got his hair chopped off after being mistaken for an Afghani / Muslim – for some reason best known to him, decides NOT to shave off his beard which makes him look even more like a Muslim than he would have looked with the turban on.

Mamma Jenny – Loud! In fact the entire Georgia part was just painful to watch. It got worse when they show people coming in with boxes of aide after watching Khan helping out in Georgia.

Round the clock footage of the destruction caused by the hurricane and people dying doesn’t touch your heart. But watching KHAN helping out just fills your heart with love and care. Damn! SRK is a Care Bear!

The soundtrack – in my opinion – isn’t that bad. Hummable for sure. But then if you have been getting bombarded by the music for close to two months on every channel after every 2 minutes, even the crappiest songs of Himesh Reshammiya become hummable. Like I said, these weren’t bad, but I have definitely heard better.

My name is Raj and I don’t like crappy movies, regardless of the hype they manage to generate.

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Sad Soul said...

Zindagi Ka Safar Hai Ye Kaisa Safar
Koi Samjha Nahin Koi Jaana Nahin

Hai Ye Kaisi Dagar Chalte Hain Sab Magar

Koi Samjha Nahin Koi Jaana Nahin

Zindagi Ko Bahut Pyaar Hamne Kiya
Maut Se Bhi Mohabbat Nibhaaenge Ham

Rote Rote Zamaane Mein Aaye Magar
Hanste Hanste Zamaane Se Jaaenge Ham

Jaaenge Par Kidhar Hai Kise Ye Khabar

Koi Samjha Nahin Koi Jaana Nahin

Aise Jeevan Bhi Hain Jo Jiye Hi Nahin

Jinko Jeene Se Pehle Hi Maut Aa Gayi

Phool Aise Bhi Hain Jo Khile Hi Nahin

Jinko Khilne Se Pehle Fiza Kha Gai

Hai Pareshaan Nazar Thak Gaye Chaaraagar

Koi Samjha Nahin Koi Jaana Nahin

Zindagi Ka Safar Hai Ye Kaisa Safar
Koi Samjha Nahin Koi Jaana Nahin