Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Complete Package ?!?

Hmm. People talk about the complete package. Well, here are some interesting facts about some people and their complete packages.

Specimen 1:

Decides on what girl he will marry based on a very specific criterion - Which family offers more dowry. Yes he is married now. Feel really bad for the girl.

Specimen 2:

Soon to be wife has an accident. Thankfully she is fine – shaken up, but unhurt. She calls her fiancé and tells him that she was in a car accident. Fiancé replies: “Well, drive carefully”. Hangs up.

Still talking about the same guy – living off his fiancé's income for a few months. Gets married (still jobless) and then lands up job thanks to mom’s waasta (Please note, he is a mama’s boy). Career line he chose is such that, the only way he can get an increment is if the government hikes up the salaries OR he moves to another country.

So, obviously mama’s golden boy has been mooching off his wife (even before marriage) and continues to do so. Add to that, he has a serious lack of manners / courtesy and the IQ of a 10 year old. Forget about talking to others properly, he doesn’t even talk to his supporting (in more ways than one) wife properly.

Specimen 3:

Claims to be qualified but yet to get his degree which he supposedly completed over 4-5 years ago. Has a job but has mounted considerable credit card debts, so papa dearest (who is retired btw) helps clear off the debts and makes peace with the fact that the son can’t give any money at home (nope, not even helping out with the rent). Younger sister on the other hand places all of her salary in papa’s hands.

It gets better. He wants to get married. The father is more than happy to pay for the marriage (and for the gifts that he is supposed to give to his wife). The guy just has enough money saved to organise a honeymoon trip (week in Goa).

Specimen 3, at the time of finalising the girl for his marriage has decided that he will quit his job here in Kuwait and move to Australia with his wife, who is working as a nurse in Australia. Resigns immediately after the marriage. Asks his sister to help him out with some money because he doesn’t have enough to buy himself a ticket to Australia!

Lands in Australia where the WIFE has bought a house and has set up things. Our man looks for a job and concludes that even before he gets a job or a permanent residence in Australia, what he needs is a car. Obviously the wife pays. Finally got a job. Hoping his wife doesn’t have to pay for his whims anymore.

Specimen 4:

Jobless, right now but hunting for a girl to get married to. Meets a girl. Likes her. Knows her for about a month and suggests – “I don’t want your parents or my parents to shell out money for our marriage. WE will pay for our marriage ourselves. I don’t feel right taking money from parents”.

As cool as that sounds, considering cool guy is jobless at the moment and intends to get married by the end of the year – me thinks when he said WE will pay for our marriage, he meant YOU will pay for our marriage.

He is still job hunting btw. Hope he finds a job soon. He might not be able to contribute even half for the marriage, but at least he will be able to contribute SOMETHING. Wonder how he proposes to set up a house where he will take his wife. May be WE will be saving up for that too. Or perhaps it doesn’t matter if parents pay for that. A gift for their ohh so cool and principled son.

Intriguing. Big talks about not taking money from parents but is jet hopping Kuwait, India, within India, Kuwait all on parent’s money. Can’t support himself right now, but has finalised the girl he will marry within the year. The date might not be set, but the month sure is.

Doesn’t want to take money from his parents, but has absolutely no shame in telling a girl he has known for a month that she should contribute for the marriage – given that he is jobless and doesn’t have any source of income at present!

I would probably understand if this was a love marriage, but it's not. It's an arranged marriage, which gets me thinking, what sort of parents would finalise a date for their son's marriage, when he can't even support himself.

Worse yet, what sort of parents would be eager for their daughter to accept such a proposal!!?

Apne aap ko to sambhaal nahin sakte… shaadi karke ghar kaise chalaaoge?? And if that wasn’t bad enough – big impressive talks about – I AM AGAINST TAKING MONEY FROM PARENTS. HAAA!

When I see all this, I ask my friends: “is she happy?” and I am shocked when I get the answer “YES”. I almost concluded that women like losers and want to be with crappy partners. But then … a friend of mine tried something similar and his wife just walked out of the house.

Confused… IS NOT THE WORD. It’s not that just the parents are fine with picking someone like this for their daughters, even the girls seem to be fine with it!

17 Opinions:

Agnel said...

Huh? What is wrong here?

Women have changed and wish to contribute financially right? Though they appreciate men wanting to be the breadwinner for the family, they also are okay in spending cash.

I don't get your point Raj :S

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Agnel,

Contributing FINANCIALLY is one thing.

Personally, I am against the idea that a man should live off his wife. But lets leave that aside.

My point here is:

MOOCHING OFF ANYONE is shitty. Wife, Sister, Friend, Parents.. ANYONE.

If you can't even support YOURSELF, why are you thinking about starting a family?

Is the idea that - She will earn and I will relax??

That's not CONTRIBUTING.. that's mooching off!

And the point is - THESE CHARACTERS are described to me as "complete packages". Someone who can't support himself, starts off a family with someone who is well off with the idea that SHE WILL SUPPORT ME!!

Are the women THAT desperate to have a partner that they don't mind having one even if he has absolutely no principles!

I am not saying there is anything wrong in CONTRIBUTING, I have highlighted it (rather effectively, I believe) that all these so called complete packages are simply mooching off.

X doesn't have a job, but is looking to get married and start a family - says he doesn't want to take the help of his parents and they will not pay for the wedding. So the girl should pay (given that he doesn't have a job now).. WELL contribute SOMETHING!!

You don't have a job, you don't have your own house. You expect HER to shell out the money because you don't have any of your own.. and then you give ball talks that - It's not RIGHT for our parents to pay for our marriage.


L o r d R a j said...

Okay in spending cash is different.

How is this..

X doesn't have a job. And goes to his wife and says 'buy me a car'

on top of that, he says what car he wants (an SUV, has to be from the showroom, 0 meter).

Now.. you don't even have a stable job but you want a fancy ride??

you don't ASK for it.. YOU DEMAND IT!!

WTF mate!

You can't seriously expect me to believe that you don't see anything wrong with that.

L o r d R a j said...

You don't see anything wrong with a guy deciding to marry the girl whose family will pay the maximum amount in DOWRY!!!!!


Agnel said...

Cool down bro! :D
Okay, that makes more sense now.

I too believe that a man shouldn't live off his wife. But I do let girls pay for my drinks/meal, just to NOT offend them.

BUT, it doesn't mean I'll agree with what you had mentioned. I had a friend who was about to get married. He lost his job a month before the marriage. But his fiance never let him inform the family and she let the marriage proceedings continue. Finally he got a job 1 week before the marriage. In times of recession people act differently.

Anyway, that is a different story. But, smooching is something STRONG MEN wouldn't agree with. I know what you mean...

You might also think of women getting strong in relationships. Don't know if that is for good or bad.

L o r d R a j said...

your wife/fiancé/girl friend has a road accident and she calls you to tell you about it..

You say "Drive carefully" and HANG UP!!

Fuck! you can't be serious that there is nothing wrong with that. Hell, even for a friend I would show more concern!

L o r d R a j said...

Hell, the guy could lose the job immediately after his marriage too.


But you don't have a job. And you are finalising dates for the marriage and saying shit like 'I don't want parents to pay'

Are you serious!!

is that the same thing?

Your wife earns more, so you decide it's ok for you to quit your job and laze around the house and drive a fancy car??

Women getting STRONG in a relationship.. How the hell does being mooched off constantly translate to GETTING STRONG in a relationship!!

I have nothing against women who are independent.

look.. if you got married today and tomorrow you lost your job (recession or whatever), it's understandable.

But you don't have any money of your own. You are living off your parents right now.. and you are thinking of marriage and YET giving ball talks!! come on!! How is THAT the same thing??

Agnel said...

I didn't read about dowry. I usually ignore reading about dowry cos it is useless and I never agree with that stupid thought. Why pay money? Some old men/women think of status for all that $hit, but I haven't heard about dowry in the last 4-5 years.

I only gave thought to the idea that a woman is taking care of her man. In this modern world where SHE rules the roost, in many houses this is happening. I thought the post was on that.. your comments makes more sense. :D

Goodnight man.. I apologize. Now that you're screaming I read it again. I was feeling too sleepy yaar. It is 1:38 AM and I'm almost fainting at my desk. :(

L o r d R a j said...

Sorry, mate.

Didn't intend to scream. Guess just got caught up with this shit.

Dowry crap.. fuck, I hear about it almost once a month.

I am just glad that so far none of my friends have accepted dowry. (in one case it was offered, but firmly rejected).

But I do know idiots who actually ask for it!

Anyways, you hit the bed. Take care. :).

All the best, mate.

Me at work.. and clearly - there isn't much to do. :(

:(:( said...

Enuf !!!!!!!!!!! Raman itnaa gusaaa...Itna khooon jalaaa raha hai bhai....Somethings shud be unsaid....Kya yaar....Isse acha khoon el ltr donate karta....

L o r d R a j said...

Fakhry... kya kahoon yaar!

ye kambakht dimaag ka off switch nahin hai.

SHANTI ! said...

nahi its the way u think brother....Bahut hogaya pls make use of ur energy in better things....Want me to give u TO-DO Liste tell me....One thing is on my top list for u to do...and will make u wrk for more then 1yr atleast...

GO GO Crime master said...

By the way " dimaag ka off switch " new product in the market kya...

L o r d R a j said...


Chal, sitting in a meeting. Will call you once I get done.

Take care, dost.

Anonymous said...

I second you!!! :)

BVG said...

Wow... I know people in every scenario... Guess there is no shortage of losers in the world...

L o r d R a j said...


I just find it shocking that these are all cases of arranged marriages and when parents are opting for such 'grooms', how can they still say with a straight face that they have their child's best interest at heart!!