Friday, February 5, 2010

Koena Mitra - B’lore Airport



They asked me why I was wearing torn jeans and told me, ‘Youngsters look upto you, you are a trendsetter, why do you do such things?’


Sigh.. Would be so much better if people would just shut up and do their jobs. If such comments weren’t passed by the authorities, I wouldn’t have bothered with this post. It’s their job to check / frisk. Do the routine. Some might be harassed more than the others – well, shit happens. Move on. But that comment isn’t the only reason for this post. 

I have always had a problem with airport security. In my opinion, the system in place – at present, is pointless. I have mentioned it earlier on my blog as well (a couple of times). One of them is here.

Coming back to the Koena Mitra incident, here is the interesting part that prompted this post:

Interestingly, amidst all this stringent checking, security officials failed to notice a pair of scissors, a nail-filer and three bottles of perfume that Koena was carrying, clearly flouting the security norms. “While they were worrying about my torn jeans, hooded T-shirt and hair, they forgot to check my handbag, which had a scissors, a nail-filer and three bottles of perfume, when only one is allowed. No one even noticed it,” says Koena 

Hmm, and these guys wont let me take a matchbox or a lighter. Maadar beeps.

4 Opinions:

Agnel said...

Koena Kya? lol
Moral policing is always there in India.

Well I must admit, I was also thinking moral policing is good in a way. But not always...

PS: Smoking hawt :P

L o r d R a j said...

Moral policing.. ohh boy. Have had this discussion lots of times. A few times with you too. ;)

I don't get it. Me thinks not only is it a waste of time, it's also most improper to impose one's own values and beliefs on another person.

Share your views. Give an opinion. Discuss the reasons why you have an opinion, but there is absolutely no reason why one should be allowed to impose their views on another.

Smoking hawt eh.. hmm you should see some of her other pics. :D

Agnel said...

I happen to have an unpaid job moderating pictures :lol: and this is one of her "hawtest" photoshoots.

She sucks(even literally ROFL) big time otherwise. Her latest haircut is like a chinese, "Stupid and idiotic"

L o r d R a j said...

Haven't seen her latest pic, but now that you mention it, don't think I want to go around looking for it.


I like this look. :)