Friday, February 5, 2010




There is blood. There is gore. Obviously I liked it.

Did I enjoy the bloody scenes in the movie? Most definitely yes. Those scenes were entertaining indeed. As far as watching the movie goes – well, I enjoyed almost every scene in the movie – barring the dumb cop-turned electrician-turned zombie towards the end of the flick. That one was.. err..not really needed, if you ask me.

I can’t emphasise this enough - the blood and the gore is definitely to my standards. BUT, if I were to talk about this as a movie, its lacking. I guess, when one wants to put in so much blood / violence – making sense just gets in the way.

I am not complaining. The scenes were definitely enjoyable. I just think the movie could have easily been made a hell lot better. The prego chick could have put in some more effort into her acting. The dubbing should have been better. Last, but definitely NOT the least - the dumb cop routine really didn’t have to be so dumb. Seriously, mate.

You are sitting in the car and you hear gun shots from inside the house:

  • You don’t call for back up?!!
  • You were yapping with your girl friend on your cell phone, but when you see a pregnant woman drenched in blood and 4 dead bodies thrown all over the house (2 of them are your cop buddies, one of them lying dead greeting you as soon as you open the door) – what do you do?? You say you will go and call for back up and an ambulance FROM YOUR CAR??!
  • You leave the blood drenched pregnant woman all by herself? (I know of insensitive men, but COME ON!) 
  • And then, you want to go fix up the circuit breaker! You think the pregnant chick is crying, screaming, hysterical because she is missing the air-conditioning!?!

Stupid, incompetent, pathetic, rubbish.

The part where the lights come on and we have a zombie dumb cop / failed electrician swinging away – I honestly felt that scene should have just been thrown out. I didn’t get it.

Will be watching this again.

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