Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bombay Airport To Be Shut For 6 Hours Every Tuesday

New Picture

And this time, it's Hindustan Times with a typo.


Definitely a terrible news for people flying to Bombay on a Tuesday. Wondering how the rest of the world repairs their airports? Do they shut down as well? Not sure. Can't seem to recall reading or experiencing anything similar for any other airport. I have encountered 'Work in Progress' signs, but can't seem to recall any airport being shut down for repairs.

I am just hoping that the Arrivals side at least looks something like an airport, once they are done.

Not that the Departures side is excellent or anything. Hell, the floor isn't even levelled properly. Thank god the lounges are bearable. I have definitely seen much better lounges, but given all the crap I had to put up with in Bombay, sitting in the lounge was a a bit of a relief. It was like 'Welcome back to [some semblance of] civilisation - we will get there, eventually'

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