Friday, October 23, 2009

Nights In Rodanthe

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I haven’t read the book, but now I HAVE TO. I need to know what all was missing in the movie. From what I saw, it seems like there is a lot that has been left out.

BTW, Mae Whitman playing Amanda Willis - pathetic character, extremely lame, annoying and not essential.

Speaking of not essential characters, what the hell did we need Viola Davis for? It could have very well been Adrienne’s grand mother’s house, instead of Jean’s.

I am sure Jean’s character is a hell lot stronger in the book, and most definitely serves a purpose (now you see, why I NEED to read the book), but in the movie – just another pointless character.

I would feel sorry for Adrienne (Diane Lane) but I just didn’t buy the relationship. It seemed so forced. One weekend and a storm - you have found your soul-mate!! A lot can happen over a weekend, I am sure of it, but here – nothing happens (Another reason for me to read the book). I need to know why does Adrienne flip for Paul (Richard Gere).

There has to be something he said, something he did. Because Paul in the movie doesn’t really do/say much that would add up to the way Adrienne is feeling.

There HAS to be a compelling reason for Adrienne to want to talk to Paul about Mrs.Torrelson. You don’t just start yelling at someone living in your inn for no reason at all. There has to be SOMETHING more.

Perhaps Adrienne too holds Paul responsible. May be Paul insists on Adrienne’s view on the matter and pisses her off by asking her again. May be Adrienne was close to the Torrelson family. I mean… there has to be something to it!

Like I mentioned, the dialogue and the relationship seemed forced. Hell, even the love making scene seemed forced. No sensuality, no chemistry, nothing. I wouldn’t blame the actors because Richard Gere and Diane Lane ARE good actors. They do work well together (remember Unfaithful?).

No character development, whatsoever. How the hell am I supposed to feel bad for Adrienne losing the love of her life, when I am not convinced that she was in love to begin with?!

Must read the book. 

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