Friday, October 9, 2009

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

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Obviously way late to be putting up a review on this one. I was rather busy with other things and couldn’t catch this in the cinema. I definitely didn’t want to watch a crappy camera print of this one. So waited till I could get a proper DVD Rip.

I didn’t like the first one. Special effects and all that is cool, but I still think the cartoon series was much better than Michael Bay’s nonsense. Wondering how crappy the third one is going to be. Seriously hope the makers aren’t considering more leg humping robots.

Revenge of The Fallen - The story is seriously lacking. Special effects were good. Did enjoy them. Except in some of the action scenes, I couldn’t really make out what was happening. Was it a kick or a punch (Could be my fault as well).

The ancient – super, most powerful  Decepticon that could be killed only by a Prime was a major disappointment. Didn’t really seem THAT powerful to me.

Shia LaBeouf annoys me.

Julie White was even more annoying than Shia, but this was because the character was supposed to be annoying and irritating. Either ways, not something I look forward to in a movie.

Megan Fox is there for one exclusive reason, only. Evident even more from the fact that Megan Fox runs in ‘Slow Motion’ more than once. Obviously, no one is complaining about that.

My problem with Megan Fox is, that bloody dark red lipstick on her lips. I do hope more people point that out and she stops wearing that.

4 Opinions:

Mathai said...

This movie draaaaaaged so much I was going crazy. I hope the next one has a little more depth in the characters and better acting

ps... MEGAN FOX IS HOT! :)

L o r d R a j said...

HOT - most definitely.

I just hope she opts for a different shade for the lipstick. The red just... ahh well.

Agnel said...

Man, for once just drop the hat and watch the movie :@ :P

I loved it, I love fantasy movies for one reason, most of them have a happy ending... against our usual life :P

L o r d R a j said...


I have absolutely nothing against happy endings.

That's all fine with me.

But.. err.. well, see, I grew up while watching all these cartoon shows. I can watch those again, even today and still enjoy them. It just breaks my heart when I see such pathetic attempts laced with brilliant effects, in the hope of recreating something that was perfected ages ago.

One of the primary reasons why I hated Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas.

I probably wouldn't have hated it as much if it was called Shyamdas.