Friday, October 15, 2010

CWG 2010 Delhi – Closing Ceremony


I didn’t bother with the opening ceremony. Well actually, I didn’t bother with the closing either but did catch a bit on the tele. They were just going on and on about it on every channel.

I will admit, the fireworks were nice. The other thing I liked was the Scottish Armadillo stadium thingy (I have included the video). NICE!

The yapping about the army and navy bands – I am not saying it didn’t look good. It did. I wasn’t expecting anything less from them. But, err.. this wasn’t a Republic Day or Independence Day parade. So.. err.. why bring out the army band?

When I saw the highlights on the news channel, my first reaction was “So, did they bring out the tanks, the MIGs and the missiles as well?”

The other crap they kept showing in the highlights was the Musical Treat. Thousand dancers, well err, they were just running around and I couldn’t make out what the hell they were doing.

Yes, I didn’t watch the full thing. BUT in the highlights aren’t they supposed to show the BEST of what happened? If what they showed was the best, then I am glad I didn’t watch the entire thing.

Chuck the dancers routine - lets talk about the singers on the stage. What the fuck were Sukhwinder and Kailash Kher wearing? Saale band waale lag rahe the! Ila Arun OMG! Ghaati! But that’s just talking about the appearance and we all have different tastes.

The choice of songs… hmmm interesting. Now I can understand why you would play Chak De India, or We Are The Champions or We Will Rock You. What I don’t understand is - how does one figure that the following songs have ANYTHING to do with the spirit of the games or Delhi or Winning or Culture or National Pride or ANYTHING of any relevance:

  • Sajda
  • Ibn Batuta (Ishqiya)
  • Desi Girl (Dostana)
  • We Twist (Love Aaj Kal)
  • Aayo Re Maaro Dholna (Shubha Mudgal’s some album)
  • Jee Kar Da (Singh Is King)
  • Akh Ladh Jaana (Love Aaj Kal)

The audio quality was pathetic. The mixing was SAD (to say the least) from the very beginning itself. Listen to it yourself! Listen to Sajda.

I have put up the video of that too. Well the first part at least. It’s the light show (which doesn’t work for me unless I am high) and the MUSICAL TREAT (ROTFL) starts at the 3 minute marker. I am sure you can find the rest of it on YouTube easily, if you are that curious.

Now if this is what I am watching in the HIGHlights, it’s obviously going to be a little difficult for me to understand what did the press find AMAZING and SPECTACULAR in this part of the closing ceremony.

The Scottish Thing - Loved IT


Light Show and PART of the singing nonsense

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