Monday, October 4, 2010

Smallville - Season 10



Done with the first two episodes. Yawnn…

Seriously, wasn’t easy. This show used to be one of my favourites, at one time, but it’s been extremely disappointing for a very very very long time now. Wayyyy too much yapping and drama. 

It’s the final season (finally). Leaving everything else aside, the idiot still doesn’t know how to fly!!!

There are plenty of characters in the show that I would love to smack around. But the one I really want to sock is Clark Kent. Will you just shut up about Jor-El and your destiny and all that crap. ENOUGH mate, seriously! Now be a good boy and get on with the up up and away bit.

Bahut nautanki karne lage hain. 

2 Opinions:

M said...

Hi..wanted to know your comments on cwg opening you really think it was world class..? sorry , it’s not related to any article..couldn't figure out how to post that separately..:)

L o r d R a j said...

Hello M.

About the CWG opening ceremony.. err, well to be honest - I didn't really bother watching it.

Yet another one of those things which I don't have an interest in.

I wouldn't have watched IPL's opening ceremony either, if it weren't for Deepika performing.

As far as the 'World Class' tag goes, suffice to quote Lalit Bhanot here - "It's a matter of perception". ;) :P.