Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dexter - Season 5



Done with the first 5 episodes.

Absolutely delighted that Rita (Julie Benz) is dead. The only other person I had a problem with was Astor (Christina Robinson) and glad that she is out of the picture (for now at least). Just can’t stand kids like her. Never had a problem with Cody (Preston Bailey), it was just Astor that would piss me off. Takes after Rita, I guess.

Lumen (Julia Stiles) err, not happening. I have always found LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) annoying and I don’t see why she has to be such a difficult bitch for everything.

Officer Cira Manzon (April Lee Hernandez) – No comment, for now.  

Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) is fine and so is everyone else.  

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