Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear Mr. Gacy


Supposed to be based on real life story of a college student’s interactions with John Wayne Gacy (serial killer on death row).

Jason Moss also authored the book The Last Victim – based on his interactions with Gacy. I haven’t read the book. As much as I am fascinated by the stories about serial killers - I have no intentions of reading this book ever.

I read the reviews and then watched the film. After I was done watching it, went back to re-read the reviews. Still can’t believe the reviews are for the same crap I ended up watching.

A ridiculous film. Total crap, waste of time. IF the film accurately depicts real life events of Jason Moss, then in my opinion – he had a very ridiculous/pathetic/pointless life and I am surprised that he didn’t shoot himself earlier.

I looked it up and Jason Moss shot himself on June 6, 2006. Guess he was just waiting for 06-06-06 (as in 666).

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