Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wafaa Bilal, Once More


Remember Wafaa Bilal, the nutty professor who was getting a camera installed in the back of his head? Well, he did it. He got the surgery done and now has a titanium plate in his head which will hold a thumb sized camera (magnetic, I guess).


In my opinion - if they were going to cut up his head to 'implant' something, I seriously think he should have opted for a BRAIN implant instead of that titanium plate.

When I had first read the news, I figured that a CAMERA would be ‘implanted’. Turns out it’s a stick on camera and a PLATE was implanted.

Now, just use your non-camera mounted head for a second and think. Couldn’t the same pointless objective be achieved if he were to wear a hat with a camera at the back? Or attach the camera to his head with something as simple as a rubber-band and avoid a painful surgery?

Have said it before as well, and will say it again – Some people do extremely stupid things in the name of art. It’s even worse when other idiots appreciate it.

The last time Bilal went all cuckoo and did something equally pointless (if not more) was in 2007 when he allowed virtual users to fire paintballs at him. At that time, The Chicago Tribune decided to name Buffoon Bilal as “Artist of the year” (!!!???).

Sigh… idiots encouraging other idiots.

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