Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Restore Contacts - Gmail




Now you have the option to restore your Gmail Contacts to any point within the past 30 days.

Don’t know about others, but my primary contact list is on Gmail (Outlook is for idiots who don’t know better). With Google Sync – automatically syncing my BlackBerry contacts (and calendar) to my Gmail account – over the air, keeps my contacts updated at all times. Most importantly - my contacts are now available even if I misplace my phone.

Not to mention, switching devices has never been easier. No need to bother with installing bulky PC Connect Suite applications.

With the restore feature – all the more reason to stick to Gmail. There have been times when I have accidentally merged the wrong contacts. Let’s not even get started on how many times I have deleted contacts by mistake (just because I like to believe I am Superman, doesn’t necessarily mean that I am. I do fuck up, at times).

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