Thursday, December 2, 2010

TSA Policies Need Serious Revision



Tammy Banovac, a 52 year old retired surgeon who uses a wheelchair got tired of her wheelchair buzzing off the scanners every time she travelled. Since her wheelchair sets off the scanners, she ends up being hand-searched at the security checkpoint.

According to reports, Tammy didn’t like the idea of being hand-searched, thanks to an earlier “unpleasant hands-on experience”. So, she tries a different approach.

On her most recent travel, Tammy arrived at the airport dressed in black lace lingerie and a trench coat. She refuses to go through the metal detector (given that her wheelchair is metal, it would go off any way) and takes off her trench coat.

Tammy’s view – “Here you go. I am not hiding anything, so you don’t really need to perform a hand-search or grope me”.

What happened next?

TSA officials give her an hour long hand-search and questioning. Tammy misses her flight. If you think about it, the only thing that needed to be checked would have been the wheelchair and there is no way that would take an hour.

Given the woman wasn’t wearing anything other than her lace bra / panties and a pearl necklace, I don’t see why it would take the officials an hour to “check” for whatever they thought she might have been concealing in her lace underwear.

TSA officials claimed that they found traces of nitrate residue on her body. My point is – nitrate residue or not, how the hell would it take an hour to search someone who is wearing nothing but her underwear?? Where did they think she would be hiding the weapon(s)???

Tammy did the exact same thing the following day and still got a hand-search but this time managed to take the flight.

I don’t know Tammy and she just might have more issues than her disability. Probably she is messed up in her head as well. Perhaps she has a mental condition or just a disturbed individual, who knows. Look at the video and you will realise why some people are commenting that she looks lifeless and / or a robot.

Regardless of her probably being a cuckoo brain or (highly unlikely) a humanoid, I can’t seem to understand why she was subject to an hour long secondary security screening!

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