Thursday, November 18, 2010

NYU Prof To Install Camera … In The Back Of His Head


Wafaa Bilal, a NYU photography professor will have a camera implanted in the back of his head, which will keep snapping pics at one minute intervals – for a year. The report states that the camera would broadcast a live stream of the images to a museum in Qatar that has commissioned this nonsense. 


Errr… ahem… Point being? I mean, seriously - What’s the point??! Just curious – does Wafaa plug in a USB cable into his ear to transfer the images from his head camera to his computer (in case the idiot wants to retain a copy)?

If a really good photograph is clicked, would it be fair to give credit to the professor for the pic? I mean, he wasn’t even LOOKING in that direction, why should he get credit for an accidentally clicked good photograph?

There are talks about having the camera covered or shut down while the professor is on the campus (privacy issues of the students). I agree, that IS an issue - but a bigger issue is this guy is totally messed in the head and such idiots should NOT be allowed to teach kids anyways.

People do extremely stupid things in the name of art.

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