Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tata Says: It’s NOT A Recall

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Tata Motors today said it would ask Nano customers to bring back their cars to add safety devices free of cost to prevent the vehicles from catching fire, but insisted it was not a "recall."

The company, however, said that the addition of safety devices, a lesson learnt from some of its brand new Nanos catching fire, was optional.


Optional! Hmm, interesting. So… what they are saying is that the consumers have the option to:

  • Risk being burnt in their new ‘car’.
  • Wake up and see their car turned to a heap of burnt metal.

Not a recall! Well you are adding stuff to the car to avoid undesirable consequences (err, death / 3rd degree burns / instantaneous combustion) and you are doing so for free. If this isn’t a recall, then what is it? Customer Service?? It’s not as if Tata is offering a complimentary LCD Monitor or a Boom Box.

"The company has taken up several corrective measures and will now offer cover tool on catalytic converter to prevent the car from catching fire. It will also install fuse in electrical components to avoid short circuits," he (Carl-Peter Forester, CEO & MD) had said

Doesn’t really seem like it’s OPTIONAL (well not an option anyone would knowingly opt out of anyways), and definitely DOES fit the description of a recall.

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