Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OS 6 For Bold 9700 - Leaked

Here it is:

I haven’t tried it yet. I usually hold out for an official release, but I am so tempted. Hmm…


Couldn’t help myself. Installed. It works, and I am loving it (for now). Will be restoring the contacts and calendar now and then the apps.

Important – Don’t upgrade WITHOUT wiping the device first. AND DO NOT restore 3rd party apps from Desktop Manager. Download them individually onto the new OS.

Most important, BEFORE wiping OS 5 from your device, take a back up of the Service Books AFTER enabling Legacy Support.

To enable Legacy Support in OS 5 :

  • Options > Advanced Options > Service Book
  • Hold ALT and press SBEB.

After installing OS 6, if you find that your browser is not working (on the mobile network), then you need to restore these Service Books after enabling Legacy Support. To do that in OS 6:

  • Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > Service Book
  • Hold ALT and press SBEB.

Now restore the OS 5 Service Books that you had backed up and the browser should work fine.

4 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

The update to OS6 is indeed rewarding , except that I cant access Appworld now over Wifi :( any work arounds. wifi was my only way to access the appworld since i am in a country in which appworld is not officially launched yet.

L o r d R a j said...


I played around with it the entire day and loved it, but at the end of the day, I downgraded back to OS 5. I might put it up again, tomorrow, but most likely - I will be holding out for the official release.

The thing with App World, well with OS 6, it comes with or some crap like that and that doesn't work unless your mobile network is on. And for countries that don't have App World active, well it just doesn't work at all. :(

I tried to install (which does work on WiFi) but I couldn't get the damn thing to work on OS 6.

I must admit though, I didn't try very hard.

If I do come across a workaround, will definitely let you know.


Igor said...

I spent the whole day trying to install but was unsuccessfull. I ended up reinstalling OS5 because of this. Since I'm in a country where App World does not work I have no way of installing apps on OS6.

L o r d R a j said...

Hello Igor.

I too had downgraded to OS 5 (as you would have gathered from my comment and last post).

But today morning I found myself missing the OS 6 interface. So went back to OS 6.

Didn't install App World AT ALL. Just left it. Thankfully all the apps I use (not much, btw) are available from else where. i.e. stuff like Bloomberg, etc.

Got the Apps, and they are running fine. Just didn't get them from App World.

Still running OS 6. No issues.