Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For Free Starting At KD 11 (??)

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This is from Viva’s website.

Err.. I am sure most people would understand that the device is free when one subscribes to a package and the package starts from 11 KWD. I am also sure that there could have been a less confusing headline.

These people seriously need to hire someone who reads the content before it’s published.

The offer is:

The Samsung Galaxy S II device is offered with three unique packages that are available to new customers as well as existing customers, starting at KD 11, KD 30 or, KD 55 per month for an entire year with free internet usage, and a one year warranty.

For KD 30 per month, customers can benefit with 1500 minutes of local calls and 300 local SMS text messages, or enjoy 5000 minutes of local calls, and 1000 local SMS text messages for the monthly rate of KD 55.

Customers can choose the package that best suits their needs and take advantage of free or discounted devices, high speed internet service and a free gold number.


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